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Why coaching - show me the results and money!?

Do you know what coaching is? Have you experienced a coaching process?

Well - how was it for you?

Coaching is like finding a way out of life's labyrinth: a sudden insight can open up many things for the client: more clarity, bigger picture, space to breathe and resources to go to the direction they want...

This time I won't brag about how brilliant benefits I've had a pleasure to witness in my client's processess, insted let the science speak itself. Here are some results and links to the studies that are showing the benefits of coaching:

  1. ​Improved: aspects of well-being
  2. Improved: resilience
    Decreased: burnout
  3. Improved: operative times (surgeons)
  4. Improved: psychological capital, work engagement, emotional well-being, job retention, compassion, coping skills, job satisfaction, perception of professional relationships, performance under pressure, quality of life, self-compassion, professional fulfillment, self-evaluation, well-being
    Decreased: imposter syndrome, work exhaustion, emotional exhaustion,overall burnout, interpersonal disengagement, depersonalization, intolerance of uncertainty
  5. Improved: interaction, learning
  6. Improved: self-efficacy, psychological capital, resilience
  7. Improved: ability to identify and value one’s own leadership strengths
  8. Decreased: insecurity
    Improved: meaningfulness, the more meaningfulness -the less turnover intention. Coaching leadership > buffering the negative effects of job insecurity
  9. Improved: ROI 221%

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