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How to Create a Winning Mindset - Surfer Of Life podcast

I had a pleasure to do an interview with Tomi Räisänen - host of Surfer Of Life podcast.

Here's what Tomi wrote about our session:

Hello Everyone!

New episode features Aleksi Litovaara. Aleksi used to hate competitions but turned out to be nro. 1 snowboarder in the world. How is this possible ?
Aleksi will reveal his secrets of how he became the best in the world in sport that has been his passion throughout his whole life.

Aleksi will also guide us to world of mindfullness and let us understand how great and positive impact it can have on our lives. If you want a deeper understanding how you can develop yourself mentally in a good wibe and how you can use different methods to be more successfull in sports and in life, don't miss this conversation!

Join us as we discuss:

-Aleksi's career as and athlete 
-How did he overcome his anxiety in competitions and -become a world champion
-What kind of methods he used to stay focused
-Mental coaching
-the Olympics 
-About his injuries which stopped his professional snowboarding career
-How to live a fulfilled life

Listen the full episode using these links:




And FINALLY all the episodes are also in YouTube, just click the link above :)


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